This weekend my brother and I went back to our old school for an event named ‘Old Laurentian Day’ or OL Day. This is where all the old pupils of the school return to their old stomping ground to catch up with long lost friends, tour the school, reminisce on what you used to get up to and, the best bit, play the current first teams at the sport of the term. This term it was hockey for the boys, netball for the girls and some mixed shooting and racquet sports too.


I was really looking forward to going back and seeing how much the school had changed, which teachers were still at the school and to challenge the current 1st VII girls, who I knew were a pretty strong team, at my favourite sport, netball!!


There was a great OL side made up of all different ages and I was quietly confident. After speaking to some of the staff I found out that it had been years, more than they could remember, that any OL team had beaten the 1st VII team which made me even more eager to win. The OL team started off strong, it was a tough match but we came out victorious!! I was so proud of the ‘old girls’ but it also made me think how thankful I was. I was incredibly thankful to all those who encouraged me to get outside and take up a sport.


Never did I think when I was a young school girl that I would ever thank all those teachers making us do laps, all those gruelling drills and rallying us around to different schools to play matches. Because of them I grew a love of not just netball but sports in general and being outside. What a great gift, and one that just keeps on giving. I am now able to be part of a team who came back and beat those girls who are going through the same as I did all those years ago. I only hope that the girls I played will look back in 10 years’ time and feel the same way.


It also made me realise it’s never too late to start either. Whatever age you are you will always be able to find a sports club near you that will be happy to gain new members. Just take a look at our previous blog ‘The light at the end of the tunnel’ which shows you how to find local clubs. It may not be a club that interests you, but I urge you, as we approach a wonderful British Summer, to get outside and be with your family.


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