mother and child chatting


How many times have you asked your little one ‘What have you been up to today?’ or ‘What did you have for lunch today’ and you get the same answer… ‘Nothing’, ‘I can’t remember’ or ‘I don’t know’.


Stop asking them questions!


Little Fifi isn’t old enough yet to have a proper conversation and most of the time I am with her, so I know what she has been up to. I do, however have a lot to do with other children, one of which we have every Monday after he finishes school.


Every Monday when I would ask him, ‘what did you have for lunch today?’ I would get the same answer, ‘I can’t remember’. So, I decided I would go around it a different way…


Tell them about your day and watch what happens next


When he got into the car I asked the standard question, ‘Did you have a good day today?’ which was followed by a typical ‘yes’. I could tell he was expecting my usual, ‘what did you have for lunch?’ but instead I told him how MY day was and what I had eaten for lunch. Without any prompting he then told me what he had eaten and who he played with in the playground.


Our car journey home has become a very special time for me now. I chat to him about what I’ve done, where I’ve been and in turn I get a free-flowing account of his day which is just what I wanted… Happy Days!