Family bike ride

We all get to that point in the year when Christmas is well and truly over, the New Year’s resolutions have been broken too many times and work is dragging BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel… literally. In a couple of weeks the clocks go forward, yes we may lose an hours precious sleep, but it’s worth it for those long, light evenings that just scream ‘Summer is coming’. Not only does it make the day feel longer and we can cram more in, it’s the way it makes us feel that is most important.


Continuing on from last week’s blog on the great outdoors and getting your little ones out and about exploring nature I wanted to touch on what the longer, lighter evenings mean for some of us. Here at Toytastic HQ we believe it brings families together and gets them outside.


Think of something active you love doing that you may have had no time for since family life or work took over. Now think of doing that with the whole family included. Family bonding time AND getting everyone moving equals a happy, fit bunch, plus you parents get some tired out kids who will be sound asleep in no time! Why not make a promise to yourself that at least once a week you will, as a family, get outside and do whatever it is you love doing.


Maybe it’s running? Jeff Galloway wrote a great piece on ‘How to get the whole family running’. This short and easy read lets you know how to safely give your kids the running bug and get them healthy for life.


Family running

How about cycling? Not only is this a fun way to keep active it also gives your little ones some independence in getting around. There are some beautiful cycle paths around the UK, why not start off small by cycling to school or work a couple times a week. Take a look at Sustrans website for tips on how to get the whole family involved. And don’t forget our Toytastic bike range, including a huge range of sizes for toddlers all the way up to ten year olds.


Or maybe something new like rollerblading or climbing? There are plenty of fun outdoors activities for all of the family to enjoy. Find all different types of sporting and leisure activities in your area here.


Whatever it is you decide to do we really do hope you enjoy the light evenings and time with you family as much as we do.